Decades of consulting experience in Asia and globally has reinforced our belief that leaders have their greatest impact in creating and sustaining cultures that deliver results and respond well to change and uncertainty.

Any business valued by customers is normally successful because it does the right things well. The difficulty arises when change in the environment means the right things start to become the wrong things – or because someone else does the right things better.

Our Leadership consulting expertise helps our clients by using qualified methods to ensure the right outcomes and results. Areas in which we work include

  • Leadership Team Alignment

    We recognize that no external party can realistically claim to know more about your business than you do.  However what we can and do offer is a data-driven perspective on your people, and their individual and collective performance.  We become directly involved in helping ensure this is aligned with your business objectives, particularly in the context of change and transformation.

  • Cultural Shaping

    The need to respond with urgency to increasingly complex environments has become the critical leadership challenge of our times.  Leveraging the individual and collective capabilities of the organization to deliver better results faster, is now more than ever the core of sustaining competitive advantage.

    Our approach is shaped by an in-depth understanding of how the current culture works, in order to find the most efficient and effective pathways to reshape and ‘rewire’ in the service of better results, faster. Our data identifies clearly what issues need to be addressed where in the organization to create performance improvement and deliver results.

  • Change Management

    Our approach recognizes that at times change is an objective, and at others it is the context.   In both cases, effective delivery of change outcomes is the product of what people throughout the organization are ready, willing and able to do differently.  We explore the current situation in depth, and identify the needs across the spectrum of engagement, communication and training support, to speed up delivery of valued outcomes.

  • Employee Alignment and Engagement Surveys

    Organisations need to know what their people think about them and what is happening in the business. We design a process that helps them ask the right questions in the right way, and use the results to determine pressure points and what should be done about them.

  • Executive Resilience and Stress Management

    The twin pressures of increasing complexity and urgency create a potentially toxic challenge for leaders and organizations.  At the time when creativity and innovation are most needed, stress levels are at levels that effectively cripple those capabilities.

    In partnership with Harvard Medical School, we have developed practical workshop-based, individual and group coaching-based and technology enabled mechanisms to help executives at all levels monitor and manage their response to stress, and regain access to their full cognitive and creative potential.

  • Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

    We know that successful implementation of business strategy requires not just the best leadership talent, but the right leadership talent – for your organization, in your circumstances, and working with your other leadership team members and direct reports. By customising our robust processes to clients’ individual requirements, we help evaluate internal candidates against benchmark behaviour and competencies. This way we enable to determine candidate’s potential, address strengths and areas for development, and ultimately find the right fit.

  • Individual and Team Effectiveness Assessment and Feedback

    We use a full suite of validated and accredited instruments from INSEAD and Harvard Institute of Coaching Professional Association to provide 360 feedback to leaders as individuals and in teams.  We are also certified in assessment of Emotional Intelligence using the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).

    In all our use of instruments, we ensure the results are accessible, presented professionally and appropriately understood, to form a useful and actionable input to leaders’ development and improvement in effectiveness.

  • Executive Coaching

    Individual and team coaching is an integral part of the mix of disciplines and expertise we bring to all our Leadership Advisory work. We are equally comfortable working with existing data and instruments, or to bring our own where these can add valuable perspective and insight.

    Where Executive Coaching is deployed as a stand-alone intervention, it is typically in the context of needs such as

    • Leadership transition and onboarding/new team induction
    • Development for leadership succession planning
    • Internal conflict management and dispute resolution