Cecile Hofer - Managing Partner and Founder Member
Cecile Hofer - Managing Partner and Founder Member
Managing Partner and Founder Member

Cecile is Co-Managing Partner of Amrop Hofer Tan, with over 25 years of experience in the professional services industry, specialising in retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting and working with the business community around the world. She advises senior management and governing bodies on Board, Leadership and Specialist Search requirements across APAC and globally.

Working across multi-market sectors, geography and cultures, Cecile offers substantial expertise in the Financial Services, Consumer, Digital, Tech, Life Sciences, Travel/Hospitality and Lifestyle Sector.

She specialise in consulting Leading Family Enterprises and Venture Capitalists on strategic alignment of vision and talent management and succession planning, and as sought-after advisor on multi-cultural hiring complexities and during transition and change.

A firm believer in lifelong learning, Cecile created Paresa Collection, delivering immersive retreats with curated business and lifestyle content for board and top management, advancing executives and the enterprising global business community.

She holds degrees in Business Economics and Clinical Organizational Psychology.





PHILOSOPHY: It is easy to join the crowd, it takes courage, resilience and hard work to stand alone.

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