After decades of working with aviation, aerospace and defense companies both in Europe and Asia, Hofer Tan Partners offers substantial knowledge and expertise to this sector, and a deep understanding of the impact it has on the global economy.

The once highly regulated legacy-industry is currently experiencing dynamic change and adopting to a global market with tectonic pressures and intensifying competition. The civil aviation sector is embracing latest trends in passenger travel demands, new applications of smart technology, like the concept of eEnablement, and enhancing the experience of passengers, both in the air and on the ground. Meanwhile airports are evolving their identity from a basic flight center to an all service provider, attracting relevance not only for the consumer but additionally for the real estate sector, logistics and supply chain.

The resurgence of global security threats, and a new perspective on emerging nations in need of greater security protection, are requiring new business models and mission critical leadership capabilities. As a consequence, the need to shift a once export oriented focus to a more multipolar and inward position, away from familiar pan-geographic treaties and traditional supply chain partners, is leaving huge changes and opportunities for emerging countries, in particular for the high growth markets such as Asia and the Middle East.

The exceptional challenges created in response to these businesses changing identity will generate new talent profiles for aviation and defense related activities. Most recently, this sector is seeking effective leadership, with differentiated abilities and international experience, able to realign strategies as efficiently as possible to ensure a successful imprint on the market.

Over the years, Amrop Hofer Tan has conducted many searches of executives and board members for services and suppliers, including product and research & development companies, providing innovative sourcing, identification and assessment of candidates who not only bring industry specific knowledge to task but also an outside perspective, with extensive knowledge of industries critical for the global aviation and defense sector, including consumer technology.