Innovative products and services, enhanced technology, new organizational models and cost containment are emerging as key forces reshaping today’s global market. With ongoing consolidation, continued investment in alternative energies, and a renewed focus on the customer, a dramatic change in the profile of talent is emerging. Industry leaders are required to be agile, experienced and insightful, ready to capitalize upon the changing industrial landscape and deliver lasting results.

Today, leading industrial companies increasingly recognize that the quality of their leadership talent will make the real competitive difference in a world of globalization, rapidly emerging markets, off-shoring, outsourcing, and far-flung supply chains. In a shrinking talent pool, Industrial businesses are competing for skilled leaders from related industries in brand strategy, marketing, key account management and product innovation.

Emphasis on talent mobility is strong as Industrial sectors pursue new geographies, looking towards the faster-growing markets of the Middle-East, China and South-East Asia. As well as geographic flexibility, a heightened demand for risk management skills, an international mindset and a deep understanding of the developing economies are imperative to succeed in the ever changing business landscape.

At Amrop Hofer Tan we understand the demands globalization, technology, mobility, and innovation are putting on Industrial segments. Our team works seamlessly with our global partners to access high potential talent, regardless of a candidate’s nationality or geographic position. Our Industrial practice has a long history of finding leaders with the international experience and skills for growth and value creation in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Energy and Resources
  • Electronics
  • Capital goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Packaging and Forest products
  • Logistics and Supply chain