The Professional Services sector has evolved and transformed into a highly competitive environment as businesses seek to keep pace with the relentless speed of change in technology and legislature. The growth outlook for professional services is positive as businesses divest non-core operations in an effort to cut costs, whilst meeting the challenge to quickly embrace and adapt to the changing consumer landscape.

There is a growing need for strategic leaders with the charisma and talent to motivate, innovate and adjust quickly to ensure long-term growth and a competitive edge. C-level leadership must understand the intricacies of their client’s business, the opportunities and threats that exist. The competitive demand for leadership with depth of experience and expertise has become a key driver for the Professional Services sector and where time to value defines successful business models.

At Amrop Hofer Tan we work for international and local professional services organizations and identify high caliber talent for our clients to stay ahead in their business. In addition, our firm provides services that encompass change management and leadership consulting and development, to ensure firms gain the full benefit of their newly acquired talent. Our clients include organizations with diverse business specialties such as

  • Business Information and Market Research Services
  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Management and Strategy Consulting
  • Legal